While I have been less than motivated to take photographs this winter it will be a little longer until I am back at it. My husband is in the hospital again so I will try to comment when I can and be back snapping away when time allows.


The sun finally came out and the temperature was 43 degrees!!

Steven asked how big this guy really was so I’m posting the original SOOC photograph. He was standing outside of a game store and as you can see he is a big dude!!

Somehow this guy just makes me laugh!!

I did two minor edits in Topaz Adjust and Topaz Simplify and the border is from OnOne.

Someone did a lot of sewing!!

Macro #4

My camera is fixed and better than new. The flash has never worked correctly resulting in extremely dark photographs. I’m happy to say that now the flash is working properly too. Fortunately we have a Nikon Authorized Service Center about an hour away from our home so it took 5 days to repair versus 4-6 weeks if I sent it back to Nikon. I was playing around last night checking out the flash and getting back to using my macro lens. Stay tuned!!

I love grunge which a lot of you already know!! I was in my glory when I came across this fabulous website grungetextures.com. In this image I did some cropping, levels and brightness adjustments and some dodging and burning. Then I added this rusted metal texture, set the blending mode to Soft Light and reduced the opacity.

Just look again and you’ll see it!!

I didn’t have my camera bag with me on a recent plane trip (mistake #1) so my camera was in my backpack (mistake #2). I put my backpack under the seat in front of me, forgetting that my camera was in it, and pushed it under the seat with my foot (mistake #3). So tomorrow my camera will be going to the hospital for an expensive stay not covered by insurance!! The moral of the story…always use a camera bag!!

This is the time of year that the Eagles migrate and stop at Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL to feed. So off we went cameras in tow!! I knew I was going to have a problem photographing them because the longest lens I have is 70-300mm and we would not be able to get that close. In the first image, with my lens fully extended, you can see how far away they were. I just played with the second image to see if I could salvage anything and while I’m not happy with it I am posting it anyway.

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